How can I drive safely this winter?

December 19th, 2017 by

View of Tire in Winter

Tips for safe winter driving

As the snow falls, the driving conditions are going to become more difficult and even hazardous to drive in. We want to help drivers who are driving through the snow again or those who haven’t driven in snow before. We have some tips for safe winter driving for you to take a look at. Let’s get started.

Car Covered in Snow

Drive Slowly

The first rule of driving during winter is to slow down. There doesn’t need to be that much snow on the road to lose traction. You should especially slow down if you are making a turn. It is very easy to lose your grip as you are turning over snow or ice. Driving slowly will also help you brake easier if a car stops ahead of you.


If you can choose which vehicle to drive, choosing the one with All Wheel Drive is the safest option in the winter. The more traction you have on the road, the better. Rear Wheel Drive vehicles are not the optimal choice since they are prone to slipping. This doesn’t make Front Wheel Drive cars unsafe, it just means the back wheels cannot help as much as the front when driving in the winter.

Brakes and Weight

Checking your brakes is an important part about maintenance. If you have not replaced your brakes in over two years, you may want to change your brake pads. If you are driving a larger vehicle with Front Wheel Drive, you may want to put some heavy items like sand bags in the rear of the vehicle to make easier turns.

Those are our tips for safe winter driving. If you are interested in shopping for a new Acura model, you can visit our online inventory and schedule a test drive with us at Island Acura.

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